List of forthcoming training courses  and presentations.

Lots more excellent training courses are available from the Field Studies Council, and for more formal training in biological recording see Manchester Metropolitan University.

Latest Past Events

Discovering Diptera: Flies Under the Microscope

FSC Epping Forest

Hoverflies, horseflies, houseflies, fruit flies, soldierflies, bee-flies, craneflies, greenbottles, mosquitoes and more: flies are all around us, but are often overlooked or even actively discouraged. In fact the true flies, or Diptera, are one of the most species-rich orders of insect in the UK, with over 7,000 species to choose from. This day course will


Site Assessment Using Invertebrates

FSC Preston Montford Preston Montford Field Centre, Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury

A course designed to help students develop higher level skills in the interpretation of invertebrate survey data. The role of standardised sampling protocols will be explored through fieldwork and through team work a set of accurate species determinations will be obtained. for analysis and interpretation. Analysis by a variety of different techniques (including species richness,

Entomology – Techniques to Find and Identify Insects

FSC Slapton Ley

Rose Chafer on the Devon coast Insects are fascinating creatures: many are attractive, and have fascinating life histories and behaviour. They also play important roles in ecosystems, for example in pollinating plants and providing food for birds, making the decline of many insect species a cause for concern. Slapton is an ideal location for seeing

£260 – £390