Using a suction sampler for survey and monitoring on a Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust reserve

Martin C. Harvey is an entomologist and biological recorder.

He is a Data Management and Liaison Officer at the UK Biological Records Centre, where he works on projects such as iRecord and Pantheon. Other areas of work include entomological surveys covering a wide range of terrestrial invertebrate groups, biodiversity data management support, and teaching wildlife identification and recording for organisations including the Field Studies Council, Wildlife Trusts and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Previous posts were with Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Environmental Records Centre and the iSpot project at The Open University. In a former life Martin spent 10 years as a professional musician.

As a volunteer, he is county moth recorder for Berkshire and runs the national recording scheme for Soldierflies and allies. He is a council member for the National Federation for Biological Recording.

Outside work Martin spends time being a father, enjoying entomology, and playing the trombone.

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